“The Political Cultures of International Development: An Exploratory Study of Public Opinion in Central and Eastern Europe,” paper to be presented at the UACES conference Leeds, UK September 2013

“Threading the Waves of Development in East Central Europe. Democratic Transition and the Crafting of Emerging Donors' Development Policies,” paper presented at the international conference “Between Power and Knowledge: Think Tanks in Transition”, Taipei, Taiwan April 2013.

“Education, religion and the construction of civic values in Romania,” paper presented at workshop organized by the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Jerusalem, Israel October 2012.

“Support for enlargement and the acquis communautaire in EU member states and in Turkey,” paper presented at the Sabanci University/Central European University, Istanbul, Turkey October 2012 (with Zselyke Tofalvi).
“The Word of God Comes into the Voting Booth. Church Attendance and Political Involvement in East Central Europe during the Early 1990s,” paper submitted to the Polish Sociological Review (accepted for publication)

“European Integration and Democracy in Postcommunist Countries: Test of Early Impact,” paper submitted to East European Politics (with Nina Bandelj, Karelyn Finley) (review and resubmit)

“Support for enlargement and the acquis communautaire in EU member states and in Turkey,” (with Zselyke Tofalvi), in Peter Balazs and Ahmet Evin (eds.)
Turkey is back. Turkey and the European Union – Strategic Partners and Competitors (cu italice), CENS/CEU Press (forthcoming)
About the Author

is lecturer in the Department of Political Science at Babes-Bolyai University. He received his Ph.D. in Political Science from the University of California, Irvine and his MA in European politics and policy from the University of Manchester. His research interests center upon understanding the roles of political culture (political values, beliefs, attitudes and participatory behavior) in the process of democratic transition and consolidation, and also the its possible applications in the field of international relations and development.
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